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Established in January 2001, Future Environment Consulting and Research (FECR) aims at providing the MENA region Markets with a high-level of Environmental and Industrial Consultancy and Research Services. These services are directed towards identifying the exact needs of markets and research-interested organizations which enable us to deliver services that reach the highest level of expectation and client satisfaction through tangible improvements to existing processes and business models.

FECR depends throughout its work on the extensive experience and efficiency of its consultants and contractors. In addition to its wide-ranging track record and the nature of the projects that has been implemented, acquiring FECR managerial expertise in various advisory and training services.

Future Environment provided diverse studies and administrative expertise in a number of areas including environment, water, energy, business development, management and marketing to customers from various government, private sectors and research centres. In addition to the high participation of funding organizations such as the European Union, the World Bank (WB), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Fund to support the institutions, and the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation.



Play a positive role in resolving local and global environmental issues, by providing high-level environmentally-focused consulting. To that end, we look at each project differently, with a fundamental philosophy that recognizes the uniqueness of places, environmental settings and client needs.



In order to be able to achieve its sublime goals, Future Environment has recruited a team of highly educated and motivated engineers and scientists. Our staff members hold Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in several majors including Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental Sciences and are able to furnish a vast variety of experience to the benefit of our customers.


Still, to increase our ability to execute tasks in a highly professional manner and to be able to provide our customers with the expected level of services, Future Environment subcontracts with well-known professionals who have adequate experience related to the required field of services and can provide guidance or direct participation in the execution of the required tasks.


As part of our attempts to increase the ability of Jordanian companies to face the increasing challenges in the world of industry and service, Future Environment has mobilized a dynamic team of full-time consultants with various scientific and technical backgrounds to furnish this experience for the benefit of our economy.




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